Sunday, November 6, 2011

What a successful weekend!

I am very excited about this weekend's success!

First, I have some money going into my bank account very soon! And by some money, I mean $54. Yes $54! Ive sold that much in 2 weeks. It surprised me that I sold that much stuff. I guess that 8lb cookbook did a lot of the work, but still.

Then I found out that I sold some items over the week. Three items to be exact. What is even more exciting is that 2 of those items were books. The shocking part about this is that books don't sell that easily unless it is written by a celebrity (which one of the books is written by a star of The Office). But still the selling is good for my bank account. The third item is a CD. They always sell pretty quickly!

Cant wait for the week!
Love always,

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