Thursday, December 8, 2011

19 and The Switch by Lucille LaBossiere

Today is my 19th birthday. Yay! ok now to the book,

The book I received in the mail today is titled "The Switch" by Lucille LaBossiere.
The cover is of what looks like a daughter and mother, by it turns out to be the niece. This is such a heart wrenching story, that everyone needs to read it.
The summary is as follows:
"AFTER ENDURING A DIFFICULT LIFE, Evelyn Parker seems to have it all-a marriage proposal from her soul mate and a beautiful eight-year-old daughter. But after her car plunges over a cliff, her life is abruptly snufied out; her daughter, Kimberley, is sent to live with her widowed aunt. At such a young age, Kimberley has no idea how the events that soon begin unfolding will shape her future. Aunt Beatrice, who at just thirty years old is already sporting gray hair after the death of both her husband and her sister, is forced back to work to support her niece. As she grows into a young adult, Kimberley never forgets her aunt's act of kindness and is determined to repay her. Just as she is ready to begin her career, an opportune moment not only offers Kimberley the chance to fulfill her long-held dream to show her gratitude to Aunt Beatrice, but also propels her into a relationship that will change her life forever. In this romantic tale, a young girl begins a coming-of-age journey that eventually leads her to discover the meaning of true love."

Some information about the author:
Lucille LaBossiere was born on Vancouver Island and lived in Cranbrook and Kitimat before retiring in Terrace, British Columbia. She is married with two children. This is her first novel. and I are selling this book. It is signed by the author. Let me know if you are interested.

Love always,

Monday, November 28, 2011

Drifting House by Krys Lee

I received a book in the mail today. The cover captured my attention. Reading the summary, the seriousness captured my thoughts. Its a story of Korea. Of the famine and the children. I can tell that this story is going to be really heart wrenching.

The summary is as follows:
"An unflinching portrayal of the Korean immigrant experience from an extraordinary new talent in fiction.

Spanning Korea and the United States, from the postwar era to contemporary times, Krys Lee's stunning fiction debut, Drifting House, illuminates a people torn between the traumas of their collective past and the indignities and sorrows of their present.

In the title story, children escaping famine in North Korea are forced to make unthinkable sacrifices to survive. The tales set in America reveal the immigrants' unmoored existence, playing out in cramped apartments and Koreatown strip malls. A makeshift family is fractured when a shaman from the old country moves in next door. An abandoned wife enters into a fake marriage in order to find her kidnapped daughter.

In the tradition of Chang-rae Lee's Native Speaker and Jhumpa Lahiri's Interpreter of Maladies, Drifting House is an unforgettable work by a gifted new writer."

I am really looking forward to the release of this book. It will be released in Feb. 2012. If you would like the book, please contact me!

Love always,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Texas Medicine by Zack Miller

I'm not going to lie. Just by looking at the cover of this book, it seems rather uninteresting. But I guess we can't judge a book by its cover.

The summary of Zack Miller's Texas Medicine is the following:
"Texas Medicine is where Dallas meets M*A*S*H. It is the story of a physician who is overwhelmed with his work and trapped in a dead marriage. During the summer of 1990, he confronts the murder of a colleague, the life threatening illness of a friend, the theft of his vehicle, and the surreal world of a malpractice suit. When he decides to end his marriage, he is caught in the maw of the family court system. Just as he scrapes emotional and financial bottom, he is recalled to active duty in the United States Navy for Operation Desert Storm. In Saudi Arabia he is befriended by a fearless orthopedic surgeon who puts them in harm's way. As the war winds down, he is offered a plum position at the premier Naval Hospital in San Diego."

Here's some background about the author:
"Zack Miller is a physician who has trained in both psychiatry and neurology. He served on active duty with the United States Navy in the 1970's and again during Operation Desert Storm. He was in private practice in Texas during the 1980's. See more at"

If you would like to order this book head to (I'm selling this book for $11.50).

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Don't each too much.

Love always,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Doll by Daphne du Maurier

I received a new book today in the mail (also sold one, but that's a story to another day). This book is The Doll by Daphne du Maurier. It is a book composed of "Lost" short stories.
The summary is as follows:
"The lost stories of Daphne du Maurier, collected in one volume for the first time.

Before she wrote Rebecca, the novel that would cement her reputation as a twentieth-century literary giant, a young Daphne du Maurier penned short fiction in which she explored the images, themes, and concerns that informed her later work. Originally published in periodicals during the early 1930s, many of these stories never found their way into print again . . . until now.

Tales of human frailty and obsession, and of romance gone tragically awry, the thirteen stories in The Doll showcase an exciting budding talent before she went on to write one of the most beloved novels of all time. In these pages, a waterlogged notebook washes ashore revealing a dark story of jealousy and obsession, a vicar coaches a young couple divided by class issues, and an older man falls perilously in love with a much younger woman—with each tale demonstrating du Maurier’s extraordinary storytelling gifts and her deep understanding of human nature."

This book is sold on
Leave a blog post if you would like to buy it from me.

Love always,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pieces of Me by Veronica Neave

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, a box of books were sent to me. One of books caught my eye. This book was Pieces of Me by Veronica Neave. The cover is nice and pink, the pink ribbon is present too.

The summary of the book is the following:
"When Veronica discovers that she has the BRCA2 gene mutation and an 80 percent chance of breast cancer to go with it, her view on life changes drastically. Join her thought-provoking journey of self-discovery as she confronts her beliefs about sexuality and body image and makes a difficult decision that will affect both her health and her hope."

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is one that many honor. Companies nationally and internationally begin to sell "pink" products in order to help the goal to cure breast cancer. The one thing that I do in order to remember breast cancer is the pink strip. The pink strip is hair coloring. A small strip of hair is dyed pink and the money is donated to the foundation.

This bok is sold on for 11 dollars. I am selling is for $8.30.

Love always,

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Alchemy of You by Patricia Copley O'Connell

I got 7 packages in the mail today. Yes, SEVEN! 2 were things that I had ordered but the rest were books. Lots and lots of books. On that caught my eye was a book called The Alchemy of You. The subtitle of this book is Health Secrets of Phenomenal Women. This easily caught my eye. So I'm going to post it on my blog. The summary is as follows:

"Now every woman can take advantage of the same secrets of body chemistry that keep phenomenal women looking and feeling their youthful best-gathered from some of the most enlightened sources around the world, compiled here in one easy-to-use reference."

This summary is short and sweet but completely explains what the book is about. From what I've seen of the inside, this is an extremely helpful book for women who want to stay vibrant.

Love always,

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What a successful weekend!

I am very excited about this weekend's success!

First, I have some money going into my bank account very soon! And by some money, I mean $54. Yes $54! Ive sold that much in 2 weeks. It surprised me that I sold that much stuff. I guess that 8lb cookbook did a lot of the work, but still.

Then I found out that I sold some items over the week. Three items to be exact. What is even more exciting is that 2 of those items were books. The shocking part about this is that books don't sell that easily unless it is written by a celebrity (which one of the books is written by a star of The Office). But still the selling is good for my bank account. The third item is a CD. They always sell pretty quickly!

Cant wait for the week!
Love always,