Thursday, December 8, 2011

19 and The Switch by Lucille LaBossiere

Today is my 19th birthday. Yay! ok now to the book,

The book I received in the mail today is titled "The Switch" by Lucille LaBossiere.
The cover is of what looks like a daughter and mother, by it turns out to be the niece. This is such a heart wrenching story, that everyone needs to read it.
The summary is as follows:
"AFTER ENDURING A DIFFICULT LIFE, Evelyn Parker seems to have it all-a marriage proposal from her soul mate and a beautiful eight-year-old daughter. But after her car plunges over a cliff, her life is abruptly snufied out; her daughter, Kimberley, is sent to live with her widowed aunt. At such a young age, Kimberley has no idea how the events that soon begin unfolding will shape her future. Aunt Beatrice, who at just thirty years old is already sporting gray hair after the death of both her husband and her sister, is forced back to work to support her niece. As she grows into a young adult, Kimberley never forgets her aunt's act of kindness and is determined to repay her. Just as she is ready to begin her career, an opportune moment not only offers Kimberley the chance to fulfill her long-held dream to show her gratitude to Aunt Beatrice, but also propels her into a relationship that will change her life forever. In this romantic tale, a young girl begins a coming-of-age journey that eventually leads her to discover the meaning of true love."

Some information about the author:
Lucille LaBossiere was born on Vancouver Island and lived in Cranbrook and Kitimat before retiring in Terrace, British Columbia. She is married with two children. This is her first novel. and I are selling this book. It is signed by the author. Let me know if you are interested.

Love always,

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